Beating the Odds

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Beating the Odds” is an idiom that means “to succeed despite not having a good chance of succeeding.”

Sending a big shout-out to all of the TLNYC Leaders who worked to make the 2019-2020 school year a great success despite the last part ending with major social distancing measures and school closed.

Below are a few student spotlights that showcase a few TLNYC Leaders who beat the odds!

Ester Maldonado

Congratulations to Ester Maldonado who was crowned as the 2019-2020 Valedictorian of East New York Middle School of Excellence as well as TLNYC’s first Valedictorian. Wishing Ester much success as she heads to 9th grade at Williamsburg High School for Art and Technology.

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Isaiah Brown

From dramatically improving his character skills while working hard to graduate middle school, Isaiah is the definition of a success story. Congrats Isaiah on graduating from East New York Middle School of Excellence. We look forward to supporting you as you move to High School at NYC iSchool in Soho section of Manhattan.

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Shelendice Tuffour

While working to boost her self-esteem and self-confidence with the help of her TLNYC mentors this past school year, Shelendice also proved to herself that she was a Leader by making the Honor Roll with an 85.2% Average.

Congrats on this honor, Shelendice. Wishing you much more success in the near and upcoming future.

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