The Fight for Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Fight for Tomorrow’s Leaders

 Founder/Executive Director narrative for Tomorrow’s Leaders


1. Why can’t we match our students with individual mentors?

2. Why can’t we take these students on weekly trips to different career fields, expose them through workshops, and allow them to meet different professionals that may inspire them?

3. Why can’t we be able to provide these students with quality academic services?

4. Why do we have to deal with politics and bureaucracy to help these students overcome their past failures?

5. Why does a young man who is daring have to be questioned and doubted for his accomplishments?

Starting a non-profit organization is not easy, starting a non-profit organization focused on high school age students who are stuck in middle school is even more challenging.

But I wake up every and continue to fight for these students , we want to give them hope. That their lives matter. That they can be future leaders, advocates, role models, and success stories.

We will continue to inspire and give hope to these students.

Tomorrow’s Leaders NYC- “They enter as a work in progress and leave as Tomorrow’s Leaders”

Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun

Founder/Executive Director