His Success Is Motivating

Dear TLNYC Leaders and Supporters:

My name is Roosevelt Jeffery, and I have been working the Tomorrow’s Leaders for about 3-years. I currently serve the organization as an in-school Youth Advocate in Brooklyn.

I am extremely happy today to write a #MondayLeaders Spotlight for Daiquan Williams; a TLNYC Leader that I have had the pleasure to work closely with.

To give you a little information, Daiquan is a 15-year old 8th-grade student who has worked hard to overcome the odds. From having being held back to having a few social-emotional troubles; Daiquan’s success reminds me why I love what I do.

Now… Let’s talk about Daiquan.

When I first started working with TLNYC, Daiquan was one of the first student’s I worked with. He struggled academically and getting him to speak, answer questions, and engage with adults, or other students was like pulling teeth from a baby. With him being so quiet, it was easy for school staff to overlook him. The issue of being overlooked allowed him to slack on his classwork and homework setting him on the path to failure.

I must admit that I was concerned when we all started working with him. However, as we continued to give him 1-on-1 attention daily, he began to open up and talk more to me, the staff, and the Founder. This quickly equaled Daiquan’s grades going up.

Oh… and guess what! Daiquan is now one of our top math performers.

When looking back at Daiquan, his success, and the support he continues to receive, I am 100% happy. From being the shy/quiet student to becoming a TLNYC Leader and willingly accepting leadership roles is a great accomplishment; not just for Daiquan but anybody. Public speaking – and speaking out in general – is not an easy skill. But I can be honest and say, working with Daiquan has motivated me to continue to improve my public speaking skills to help other students and young adult reach their dreams.

As I conclude this TLNYC #MondayLeaders Spotlight, Daiquan has improved so much over the last couple years. From his social and emotional wellbeing to his academics, he is a leader in the making that loves to help others. From his love of sports to volunteering to help TLNYC with our invitational tournament, Daiquan is graduating middle school this year, and I see nothing but success for him in High School.

Thank you for taking the time to read this spotlight. Wishing Daiquan success beyond his wildest dreams.



Roosevelt Jeffrey, TLNYC Youth Advocate