Our Programs

TLNYC runs in-school, after-school, and some additional enrichment programming during the school year and summer. From Monday through Friday, we work with students in-school from 9 am until 3 pm and after-school from 3 pm to 7 pm. We host special enrichment programming at various times during the weekday and on some Saturdays. During the pandemic, all programming will be digital unless otherwise stated.

Work In Progress

Tutoring and homework assistance for 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday and Saturday sessions upon request. We are flexible in our methods of tutoring, based on the the comprehension level of each student.

All For One

TLNYC’s staff serves as liaisons between the schools and families of our students. TLNYC also host and provides family outings, parent workshops, and home visits.

Guide the Youth

Includes one on one or group meetings that allow volunteer mentors to help students develop their interpersonal, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Career Day

Through workshops, job site visits, field trips, and hands on work with professionals, students are granted the opportunity to explore various career fields.

Youth Empowerment Lesson

Consists of wellness and life skills classes, peer group sessions, and guest speaker appearances. Lessons range from etiquette skills, currents events, the entertainment industry, different cultures and the positive and negative images presented to them in the media and how it effects their lives.

Community Service Projects

Students get an opportunity to have a positive impact in their community through projects in collaboration with schools, businesses, and various community based organizations. These projects consists of working with meals on wheels, community gardening, cleaning and improving the neighborhood condition, volunteering in aids and cancer walks, serving at soup kitchens, and providing a happy smile and comforting presence at local nursing homes.

Annual Basketball Tournament

The TLNYC Invitational was created to bring positive impact into the lives of many. The purpose is to boost community engagement, promote team work and positivity, and help reduce youth crime and arrest. The tournament features over 18 schools from across Brooklyn, The Bronx and Harlem.