Leaders Invitational

TLNYC Invitational Tournament
Created to help improve school attendance for middle school youth in participating schools,


the TLNYC Invitational Basketball Tournament was also created to:
Tournament Purpose

Teamwork and Positivity

Foster an environment dedicated to teamwork and positivity through mentorship;

Decrease youth crimes

Decrease youth arrest/crimes during the hours of 3 pm and 7 pm

Boost Community

Boost community-to-school engagement with a particular focus on involving families in school activity.

The Tournament’s Impact
Our tournament has had 3 impact seasons between Spring 2016 and Fall/winter 2017-2018:

  • Improved school attendance from players who attend participating schools; support from Brooklyn Nets via tickets helped with student athlete school engagement
  • An average of 300 young people between the ages of 11-17 attend or participate in the games, subsequently limiting idle afterschool time which has historically lead to risky/questionable behavior(s); and,
  • A increase in community-to-school involvement from parents, community members, and leaders.
  • Participating schools from previous years: Eagle Academy for Young Men II, I.S. 218, Frederick Douglass Academy, Satellite West, P.S. 282, P.S. 284, Invictus Prep Charter School, Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Spring Creek Community School, I.S. 383, M.S. 126, P.S. 323, M.S. 61, Liberty Avenue Middle School, I.S. 292

Goals For 2018-2019 Tournament

3rd Annual installment of Tomorrow’s Leaders NYC Invitational:

  • Include 12 middle schools from Brooklyn, NY. Positively engage over 150 student athletes participating weekly
  • Ensure at least 300 people weekly are attending or participating in the games, subsequently limiting idle afterschool time which has historically lead to risky/questionable behavior(s)
  • Include weekly community service commitments and workshops that will focus on improving social, emotional, and academic well being of student athletes.

Tournament Information

I.S. 218 Gymnasium 370 Fountain Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208

  Friday Games are 4pm – 7pm

  I.S. 292 Gymnasium  301 Vermont Street  Brooklyn, NY 11207/ Taft Campus 240 172nd Street Bronx, NY 10456

  Saturday Games are 2pm – 5pm


Tournament Dates:  Every weekend starting November 30th
  December 1 with the tournament ending
  with the championship game on
  March 9

Sponsorship opportunities




Company name or logo featured on the tournament championship trophy and uniforms. Weekly recognition & promotion during the entire tournament All items listed in the Visionary Sponsor Level




Up to three (3) TLNYC apparel items All items listed in the Champion Sponsor Level



Logo highlighted on the TLNYC website Recognition & promotion during the championship game

Tournament Gallery
Check out videos from previous year’s tournament